The Photo shoot

So this finally a real life photo shoot :) I've been waiting for this moment in my business for a year...and it was IInd Shot that I had the pleasure of working with. We made the arrangement to meet to conduct the shoot in Charlotte, NC as it'll provide the Modern City Boss Chick vibe we were going for :)

Now, the proposed date was Saturday, January 4th and it rained practically the entire day...until 5ish that afternoon where we ran out and found a fountain to take quick photos. I would call this session, Practice....

So what happened outfit didn't necessary "fit" the background...and I'm honestly more awkward than i'll like to admit. Imagine your arms being out of your own arms. LOL How is this even possible...then my WASN'T all!! It was like I couldn't get myself in total formation...if my arms and legs were perfect...I was looking mean...or when my face was arms were out of wack. But, I will admit this...I did realize that modeling wasn't for me...and in my head...I was a top model...but not in real life LOL!!!  So, we ended up wrapping up in about 2hrs or so. And while we were trying to make best out of a rainy day...we still got some good shots...but it was nothing compared to THE REAL SHOOT. 

We departed and stated that we'll shoot first thing Sunday morning...and when we're talking about 6am...early early!! It was pitch black and cold. We found a rooftop...but this wasn't good enough as it didn't provide the "vibe" we were looking for...then we found The had a water fountain that changed colors...brick stairways...and everything else that you can imagine for a natural Modern City Boss Chick vibe :)

IInd Shot pulled out their equipment...set everything up and we were ready to shoot. And on that day...I was America's Next Top Model!! You couldn't tell me anything. My arms, legs, and face were in formation. We probably took over 300 photos at least...and I'm sure majority are stunning...IJS LOL!! As compared to the day before...I was a I practiced in the mirror...listened to constructive criticism...and the rest is herstory :)

Now you're probably asking yourself...why did I bother to write this...well....when the final copy of the shoot'll understand my level of enthusiasm.  As this is another large item to check off my list as I work toward growing my business.

I would like to personally shout out IInd Shot for their level of professionalism and honestly, patience. They were very accommodating and we even took a video that'll be edited and released at a later date. I highly recommend them and can't wait to work them again.

You can reach out to IInd Shot on IG @iindshot




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  • Shawnita

    Loving everything you doing, can’t wait to see the finished product…

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