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Hi, I'm Alana a.k.a Ms. Candles and I’m the Owner, Founder, and Creator of Mind Body & Scents. I started my eco-friendly luxury designer home fragrance company to overcome heartbreak and brokenness. I found myself lost and wrapped up in everything and everyone, and one day the need for me in that role ended abruptly. I came to one conclusion; I needed to rebuild Alana. In this, I had the vision to help myself and show other women that self-care, and self-preservation isn't selfish. 

Self-care is a luxury not afforded to all women but is one that I will offer you with every experience through every purchase. I've completely thrown myself into my designer home fragrance business to provide a great-smelling scents that transcends one to a place of relaxation even when life is lifing hard. 

Our carefully crafted and custom blended fragrances are eco-friendly and of high quality. That are beautifully mixed to create your desired ambiance and to be enjoyed in either a candle, room spray, and/or reed diffuser that bring together our signature candles to expand to our flameless options of room sprays and reed diffusers.

At Mind Body & Scents, I help individuals prioritize self-care by incorporating home fragrances to set the mood for whatever you need. Be it relaxation or even lovemaking. I have a scent that will create your desired atmosphere with our custom-blended fragrances. 

Thank you for offering me the opportunity to serve you in self-care needs. Shop until your heart's content, and let me know if I can help. 

This is where luxury meets home. Mind Body & Scents, LLC