Hi, my name is Alana Gilbert ( also known as #theChandler ). I am the Owner / Operator of Mind Body & Scents, LLC

     It was in the midst of one of my lowest times in my life that I decided to create peace where there was none. I was constantly running behind my extremely athletic teenage son and now ex-boyfriend that I forgot about Alana. Then GOD placed on my heart to make handpoured soy candles for my team and from experimenting, a business was birthed.  I then proceeded to sell over 100 pre-sale candles in a little over two weeks. It was then that I knew there was a need for my candles.

     It was in my search for escape from heartbreak and the hustle & bustle of life that I found my passion. My goal is to help others find time in their busy schedules to relax and make time for themselves on a regular basis. My prayer is that my products will become a part of your daily routine of relaxation and pampering.